An Introduction to speech and language development

Course Description

Welcome to Charlotte Hall's innovative online course, where the expertise of a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist is at your fingertips. Throughout this engaging session, participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the ‘typical’ trajectory of speech and language development in children. Charlotte will guide you in identifying subtle indicators that may signal speech and language needs in a child.  join Charlotte on this educational journey and elevate your proficiency in recognising and supporting children with speech and language needs.

While this course focuses on supporting children aged 7 and under, you will find much of the content useful for supporting older children too.

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We have broken our course into bite size modules so you can watch at a pace that suits you.

  • Introduction

  • Module 1: ‘Typical’ speech and language development

  • Module 2: ‘Indicators’ that a child has speech and language needs

  • Module 3: What to do if a child has speech and language needs

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how speech and language 'typically' develops

  • Recognise 'indicators' that a child has speech and language needs

  • Know what to do if a child has speech and language needs

Who The Course Is For


  • childcare professionals
  • colleagues from education and healthcare
  • parents and carers

Meet Course Facilitator

Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall is a highly accomplished Speech and Language Therapist with an impressive 16+ years of experience, both within the National Health Service (NHS) and independently. Currently, she dedicates her expertise to supporting schools and families in London, Surrey, and Hampshire, focusing on children with Speech and Language Needs and Autism. Charlotte's extensive background in the field has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding communication differences, enabling her to provide tailored and effective interventions. Charlotte is not only a seasoned professional in Speech and Language Therapy but also actively engages with her community through her social media presence.