Introduction to Neurodiversity in Children

Course Description

Have you wondered what people mean when they say Autism or ADHD? This course will provide you with an introduction to neurodiversity in children. You will learn about early signs as well as behavioral challenges and strengths. We will outline some top tips to use when managing difficult situations that might relate to neurodiversity, but can be applied to all children!

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We have broken our course into bite size modules so you can watch at a pace that suits you.

  • Module 1: What does neurodivergent mean? What is neurodiversity? What is Autism?

  • Module 2: What is ADHD? Sensory processing Challenges

  • Module 3: Video showing the perspective from a child Anxiety Emotion regulation Triggers

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of neurodiversity in childhood.

  • A greater understanding of why neurodivergent children may behave in certain ways and what you can do to support them.

  • Give you a solid framework for understanding challenging behaviors and emotions and help you feel more confident in handling them so that you can get the best out of these children and help them thrive.

Course Facilitators

Dr. Victoria Mattison & Dr. Wendy Isenwater

Introducing Dr Victoria Mattinson and Dr Wendy Isenwater who are both consultant clinical psychologists specialising in children and families.

They have worked together for many years in the NHS in an inner city mental health service and outside of the NHS. Dr Victoria still leads a mental health service in East London for the NHS and Dr Wendy now works in her own private practice in London.
They also do a lot of training and consultation around child behaviour and parenting and managing difficult behaviour between 0 and 5 years old.

As well as their extensive professional experience, between their separate two families they have 6 children between them with ages ranging from 8 years old up to 21 years old!