Course Description

Teach your baby to swim at home in the bath tub A short video course for parents and caregivers for babies 0-12 months.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up your bathtub for baby swimming at home

  • The foundations of baby swimming

  • Sensory sensations and song to enhance bath and swim time fun.

  • Water work: do's and don'ts

Who the course is for

Parents and caregivers of babies 0-12 months

Meet Course Facilitator

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson is an International Aquatic Tutor, Founder of Aqua Sensory, Bath Babies and a Developmental Play Practitioner based in the UK, who works with babies and early years children at their two-purpose built family swim centres, Swim Works in Warwickshire. Aqua Sensory supports our changing world, our program is a new pedagogy, a child-led and developmental approach to swimming. Jo is also author of the parent book: Bath Babies: Creating Beautiful Bonds in Water.

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